Hello! I'm Kate Parker


I founded Kate Parker Recovery to help others find sobriety through whole body wellness. I struggled to find my balance and happiness in sobriety and knew that there had to be more out there than just hanging on to the new me with a white knuckled grip. Once I realized that alcohol wasn't the problem, but a symptom, I began looking at healing everything in my life that was broken and was rewarded with a life overflowing with joy.

How I can Help You?

When I came home from rehab, I felt adrift in my new world after being so cocooned. AA wasn't for me but I knew I needed to have a strategy for maintaining my sobriety. I had to create the tools I used to help me rebuild my life, but you don't have to. You don't have to struggle like I did, I want to help you find the easier path. Join our community and gain access to all of the tools I use to keep my sobriety.

The 7 Pillars of Wellness

Physical Wellness

Educating yourself on the importance of maintaining your physical health by engaging in regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating a well-balanced diet.

Emotional Wellness

Develop strategies to manage your emotions in healthy ways. This may include exploring mindfulness techniques, journaling, or seeking support from a therapist or support group.

Spiritual Wellness

Explore your spiritual beliefs and practices. To grow your spirituality you could attend religious services, practice meditation or yoga, or engage in other spiritual practices that promote inner peace and connection to a higher power.

Social Wellness

Help yourself develop healthy relationships with friends, family, and other members of your community.

Intellectual Wellness

Encourage yourself to engage in activities that promote intellectual growth and learning. Take a class, read books you enjoy, or pursue hobbies that challenge your mind.

Occupational Wellness

Engage in activities that promote intellectual growth and learning. This may include taking classes, reading books, or pursuing hobbies that challenge the mind.

Environmental Wellness

Create a living environment that supports your sobriety and overall well-being. Explore ways to reduce stress in your home, have a healthy work-life balance, and find ways to connect with nature and the outdoors.

Discover the power of Whole Body Wellness

in achieving lasting sobriety with

You Got Sober! Now What?

This comprehensive guide provides practical tools and insights to help you navigate the challenges of sobriety and build a fulfilling life. Embrace a holistic approach to wellness and unlock the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit.


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a fulfilling life

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Sobriety isn't going to save your life. Sobriety is going to give you the clarity to go after the life you desire.

-Kate Parker

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